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Out of Dough

About Us

Since the 1980s Out of Dough has been baking daily, using only the freshest, local ingredients.

Today the locals of Gippsland can enjoy the Out of Dough experience at two locations in Morwell and Traralgon.


If we had to identify all our ingredients, we would have to include the words ‘love” and “local”.


That’s what we do. It’s who we are. And this is where we’re from.


Out of Dough

What We Do

If you are out and about and out of ideas for lunch, visit Out of Dough.


For over 35 years, Out of Dough has been making fresh and tasty pies, sandwiches and cakes.


We’re not just a great bakery, either. But one with imagination and dare we say it, one with heart. When there are emergencies in the community, we are there, often within hours.


You can even come in just for coffee. But you will probably succumb and have one of our famous pies. You are human, after all.

Out of Dough

We Support Local

Short of Funds? You Need Out of Dough.


When there’s a fire or a flood, we spring into action. Within two hours, we’ve been known to make the bread and feed the frontline of our fabulous



We take our role in the community that seriously. We also put together great pie drives and hot cross bun drives for charity fundraisers.

Next time your club or school needs some dough, ask Out of Dough.